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An online wardrobe of designer dresses, handbags and accessories for rent, for every occasion.

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How It Works

BFC takes all the stress out of the occasion – choose the perfect dress online, or make an appointment to try some on! Rent what you love with a few clicks, and we’ll take care of overnight delivery, returns and dry cleaning.

1 Browse

Browse our online catalogue of dresses and accessories. Choose the ones you love,  select the start date for your 4-day rental period, and add them to the Cart. 

2 Rent

Head to Checkout and simply pay with your credit card. The day before the rental period starts we’ll send the items to you via overnight courier.

3 Return

Schedule a collection with our courier by the last day of the rental period, and return the items using the included courier return bag. We’ll handle the cleaning!

No hidden costs or deposits required.

"BFC is really excited to provide an alternative to purchasing a new dress for every special occasion, whilst offering South African consumers access to a host of international brands that aren’t always available to purchase locally. In the growing world of social media, women don't want to be spotted in the same outfit twice. The idea of renting rather than purchasing is the latest trend in sustainable fashion globally, and can be thought of as 'dress-recycling'. Now you can have fun browsing and wearing amazing outfits while making a positive contribution at the same time!"

~ Robynne, Founder